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Current transition level
Status Cycle Eff. date
Expired 1902 31 JAN
Current 1903 28 FEB
Scheduled 1904 28 MAR
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Trying to meet your expectations, we would like to present a feedback form to you, thanks to which you can anonymously share your opinion on the PL VACC functioning or our vATC staff work. Your opinion is very important to us irrespective of the fact whether it is positive or negative. Your comments are to improve actions of the entire PL VACC. Therefore, if you or any person from your environment have any comments, remarks, suggestions regarding the PL VACC activity, please provide them using the following form. You do not have to provide your contact details and the form is completely anonymous. If you want us to respond to your opinion, then please provide us with your email address. You can also send any comments at the following email address feedback@pl-vacc.org.pl.
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ATC booking & activity
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TOP 5 Controllers
1. Marcin Lubczyński 368h
2. Jakub Goc 364h
3. Michał Trzaska 280h
4. Igor Cybulski 273h
5. Grzegorz Pająk 264h
[April & May 2019]

Top controllers - September

Marcin Lubczyński
Nikodem Rudziński
Igor Cybulski

Miesięcznik Virtual Pilot

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